Monday, November 10, 2014

Convict Carla

convict Carla  8 x 10" oil on canvas

Meet Carla, she's been busted. Carla is the second woman convict in my Busted Betty Series. What was Carla busted for? Well Carla is normally patient and looks pretty innocent but she has a tough side if provoked. Carla might be a waitress (by the looks of her clothes) in a 24 hour diner, working the late shift and maybe got sick of the drunks coming in after a night of drinking acting like fools. Some fool might have gotten on Carla's last nerve after flinging a napkin dispenser across the diner and hitting her in the tooth, chipping it. And it's possible that Carla took out all her late night drunk customer anger on this one fool and got arrested. It could be true. 
This painting is available here in my etsy shop

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