Saturday, December 6, 2014

Slick Sally

Slick Sally  8 x 10"oil on canvas
Meet Sally, she's been busted. Sally is a little confused about being busted as you can see but still manages to crack a little smile in her blissful confusion. What did Sally do to get arrested? Maybe she is a thief, maybe a really good pick pocket, and a compulsive liar that has convinced herself she isn't doing anything wrong. I think Sally tells her family she sells women's accessories in a high end department store (and gets a discount on merchandise) and that's why she always wears new rings and bracelets.

...or this could all be a lie and Sally was just walking on the wrong street corner at the wrong time of night and started talking to these 'nice ladies' that were giving a lost man directions, who happened to be a cop. Poor gullible Sally. 

It could be true.
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    Stumble on your blog in Blog Search. Your paint gallery is awesome !! Good to read and very nice and fine work you did! Will visit your shop soon. Thanks :0