Sunday, November 20, 2011

A pose for Jackson

'A pose for Jackson'    8x8" oil on canvas panel 

  I love old pictures, music and things from the 1950's, think I was born too late. When I saw a similar image of Elizabeth Taylor there was no background, just pure white, so the idea of coming up with what space to put her in was an opportunity for something fun. Being a realist painter, I've never been interested in painting an abstract thoughts on that are changing. So behind Liz is a little slice of abstract artist Jackson Pollock's painting 'Number 8', it was created in 1949. The idea of putting this modern iconic woman on a black modern couch, in front of what was considered in 1950 a modern painting, seemed like it would be a good fit and I just had to paint it. How many times have I said that in these blog posts...I had to paint it.  Probably a lot.
  This painting is available, click here for details

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