Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Desert Crown

'desert crown'     14"x 11"  oil on canvas       sold

Every year when the saguaros are in bloom I break out the camera (even though there are so many picture already in my files) just waiting for that perfect photo opportunity. This giant saguaro cactus stood out from the crowd with its 'crown', there were way more flowers on it than I painted. I'm still amazed that so many cactus produce the most beautiful flowers! For those of you not familiar with the desert, after the flower blooms, closes & falls off, whats left is a green nub which the birds then peck at because there's a bright red fruit like substance inside.
There's a type of prickly pear cactus with red thorns next to my garage, most people don't pay attention to it, but I look forward every year for it to bloom. It has such beautiful red & orange flowers that blanket it! I've seen probably 50 blooms at a time on it. There's a future painting for sure!
(I've been a crazy painting woman lately...there's another painting coming up soon)
Since this painting is already sold I will have prints available soon, keep checking my website or email me if you are interested in one.

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