Friday, February 13, 2009


I have been wanting to paint an old car for a while, they have so much character. Maybe it's the curves... or the chrome...I don't know but there's just something about old cars that I really like. My husband gets credit for taking the photos at this car show, I gave him specific instructions on what kind of pictures I wanted him to take since I could not go. He's actually a pretty good photographer, has a good eye for things. A few of my paintings have come from his photographs. Please click here for purchase information.


  1. My father had a beautiful old Ford truck when I was growing up. Its curves and sideboard steps always pleased me...I'm waiting for the painting here to come on the screen...just over from Oasis in Puerto Rico ...great image...I love the color contrast and the focus on detail. My brother used to buy those cars and restore them ... your painting's color and compostion are powerful. Thanks for sharing the El Dorado.<3

  2. Old cars were art! So were old buildings. Tell your husband I think he must have taken a great photo for you to be able to get such a great painting. I love the detail and the reflections.

  3. Very nice painting Gretchen. Love the composition and the way you handled all the chrome. I was just down in the Mesa area a few weeks ago and loved the weather and the golf. You are fortunate, as we still have a ton of snow up here.